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Everyone ~ In criminal justice, I contend that in
non-emergent instances, putting personal views to the side is easier said than
actually done. What are your thoughts on the personal views CJ personnel holds
for a group (race/culture/etc.) of people affecting their overall treatment of
said group of people? What are some ways that the criminal justice system can
either reshape negatively held views of their personnel or can ensure that
their staff’s personal views are not disproportionately negatively affecting
people coming into contact with the criminal justice system?


Our personal views can truly affect the way we deal with a
group negatively or positively. Unfortunately most people hold onto the
negative view and it affects their judge. As a CJ professional we must display
fairness at all times and some of the ways to accomplish that is being honest
with ourselves and finding out why we don’t like the person/group.

1. Be Open minded

2. Try to know more of the person/group(Understanding)

3. Ask questions for clarity

4. Don’t place judgment.

Criminal justice system should have programs where employees
can sign-up freely and learn difference cultures/value.

i.e A Hispanic teaching her colleagues about their culture
and heritage.