Criminal Justice Ethics and Liability, assignment help

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Consider the following case:

Los Angeles County sheriffs obtained a search
warrant for the home of four black suspects in an identity-theft fraud
scheme. When police went to the home, a white teenager answered the door
and was ordered to lie face down on the floor, while police went into
the bedroom and ordered the two naked white people in it to stand naked
next to the bed, while police searched the home.

It turned out that the black suspects had moved 3 months earlier. The
white couple sued the police, contending that the search was an
unreasonable invasion of privacy, as the color of their skin should have
immediately tipped police that they were not the suspects and that the
premise for the search (the warrant) was flawed.

Answer the following critical thinking questions in a 2 page Essay:

    • If the police searching the home found drugs or other
      unrelated incriminating evidence during the search, would it be morally
      permissible to use the evidence against them?
    • Who, if anyone, would be considered negligent in this situation?

Be sure to address all prompts and cite your sources in APA format