criminal justice

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  • Evaluations: Identify the specific policies and procedures which failed during Hurricane Katrina. Address how governmental policies failed to protect the citizens of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Be sure to consider all levels of government, not just federal. This is important.
  • Conclusion and recommendations: Provide at least three viable strategies you would recommend to government officials and agencies to prevent the likelihood of a similar disaster preparedness failure from occurring again. Be sure that your recommendations are legal and realistic.
  • Comparison: Compare the Katrina response against the response to “Super Storm Sandy” in 2012. In what ways did the governments improve over Katrina? In which areas do we still see a need for improvement?
  • Lessons for crisis management: Analyze how the lessons and procedures related to hurricane response can apply to other aspects of crisis management. How can these techniques be deployed in the battle against the Zika virus, for instance? Consider also immigration and terrorism.

Submit your report in a 6–8-page Microsoft Word