Crenshaw Mapping the Intersections, english assignment help

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1) Read Crenshaw excerpt on Mapping the Intersections.
Summarize the essay’s key arguments (don’t focus on details) (1 page)
Be sure to explain:
a) What does Crenshaw mean by intersectionality? What is her critique of identity
politics as it relates to intersectionality?
b) What is Crenshaw’s critique of both feminist movements and racial justice movements
as it relates to intersectionality?
c) How does Crenshaw use intersectionality to explain the experience of women of color
with violence
2) Read the web articles written by Eve Ensler and RAINN. Read the critiques of their work from
Lauren Chief Elk and Prisonculture.
Explain the source of the disagreement. What are their different assumptions about: a) the
helpfulness of criminal justice system, b) the commonality of gender oppression across race and
other divides, c) what will end gender violence? What is your position on these arguments and
why? 1 page (note: you don’t have to summarize each article separately, just summarize what the
arguments seem to be as a whole.
4) Describe an example (from media, the news, real life, anywhere) in which you see the
intersections of race and gender violence. How does this intersection operate? ½ page