counseling final presentation

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Final Career Presentation

You have explored various careers. Now, it is time to find the one career of the most interest to you and continue the research into the area. You will need to develop a presentation to deliver to your classmates. You are only limited by your own creativity and motivation.

Following are the requirements of what needs to be included in this project:

1,A three (3) minute informational speech which needs to include the following:A description of the work the person performs

2,Wage/salary (entry level and after established in career)

3,What characteristics are needed for a person to be most in this career?

4,Educational background needed

5,Where can you get the education necessary for the career?

6,Advantages/disadvantages of the job

7,Career ladder (how does a person get from a starting position to a higher level job with more money, etc.)

8,Employment outlook

9,Related occupations

PowerPoint slides due December 11, 2018. Business casual attire required.

please write it on being an entrepreneur.