Content analysis

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(Will tell you which brand when accepted.)

1- Select 5 American ads, and 5 Arab ads from the categories I assigned to you in class. Each American ad and Arab ad should be from the same brand and same version and do the “coding sheet” ( Coding sheet will be provided when accepted.)

2- Compare and content analyze the 5 American ads and the 5 Arab ads using the themes (see Kalliny & Gentry’s article on cultural values in ads “ Article will be provided when accepted.)

3- Your coding sheet will include the cultural values of Kanlliny & Gentry, in addition to the following:

A: Role of women in the ads

B: Role of Celebrity in the ads

C: The rational appeals as well as emotional appeals.

4- Write a short report (2-3 pages) about the results and your discussion.

5- Your report should also include the URLs of the sites from which you got your ads.