construct an issue brief on the proposed policy action of legalizing marijuana in Alabama

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Assignment Instructions

Identify a different problem or issue (local or state) that needs political attention through policy action. Once you’ve identified the issue (legalizing marijuana in Alabama), you will be constructing an issue brief on the proposed policy action. issue brief should be constructed using the attached template and should cover the following sections:

  • Brief history of the issue
  • General accounting of the current problem (stated in a couple of sentences)
  • The options available for addressing the problem
  • Whether there are current applicable policies that need to be expanded, adjusted or eliminated
  • What actors are currently involved with the issue and where support currently exists
  • What your recommendations are and how you would propose moving the policy forward (i.e., what support needs to be built, what channels does it need to go through, what of the options listed above are most feasible, etc)

Do not complete the template attached below with bullets or broad lists. This should be a detailed analysis of each element discussed above. Write this issue brief as if you were handing it to the state governor, the head of an agency, etc. They should understand your policy, recommendations and the policymaking process of this issue through review of your issue brief. It shouldn’t need elaboration from you.

Utilize at least 3 scholarly sources.