comunication assigment

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Read Chapter 15 Presentation Aids: Design and Usage (Links to an external site.)

Answer the following questions and submit your responses:

1. What are presentation aids (as defined in the reading)/

2. List four reasons why presentation aids are important in public speaking.

3. Explain two ways in which presentation aids can increase audience understanding of a message.

4. Describe four common types of representations

5. Explain how charts can be used to present information and list 3 types of charts.

6. Explain the importance of using graphs while speaking.

7. List the risks to using animals as a presentation aid.

8. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of different presentation aid media.

9. Explain the role of careful planning and good execution when using presentation aids.

10. What are the rules for using a chalk or dry erase board?

11. What are the reasons for not using a single copy of a handout?

12. What are the possible times to distribute a handout?

13. Explain why it is important to keep presentation aids organized and simple.

14. Explain how to make presentation aids easy to see, hear, and understand.