Complete Short Psychology SPSS Discussion (LIBERTY)

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Thread Prompt: Based on the preliminary reading above, respond to the following prompts:

  1. Summarize the Quarles (2015) excerpt in 2-3 sentences. Include in your summary a list of the main Christian doctrines that students are failing to grasp.
  2. Before you administer your surveys, it is important to establish the null and alternative hypotheses that will guide the data analysis and interpretation. Think about the research question: “Is there a relationship between frequency of church attendance and the level of understanding of basic Christian doctrine?” Based on the given research question and your reading, state a null hypothesis and an alternative hypothesis for the Lab Project. Note that you are not stating a hypothesis for the Quarles study, but for the lab project survey study that you will be conducting.Refer to Chapter 8 of your text for a review of formulating hypotheses, notably “Step 1” of the section “The Four Steps of a Hypothesis Test.”
  3. Based on your reading of the “Step-by-step Instructions for Survey Administration,” state which method you are using or intend to use to collect your surveys (in-person, online, etc.). Describe at least one reason why you have chosen this method, and write about one possible challenge that could arise when administering surveys with your chosen method.
  4. Share your thoughts: Based on your own opinion, briefly describe what you predict the results of such a study might be.

ab Project DB 1 Article Excerpt, from Quarles, C. (2015, March 29). Southern Baptists must learn to ‘choose our battles wisely’. [Louisiana] Baptist Message. Retrieved from