COMM 105 College of the Canyons Quick Communications Activity

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Read the following statements that correspond to the scenario and identify which approach (ethos, pathos, logos) is being used.

Scenario: Your friend is trying to persuade you to let them borrow your car:

  1. “I borrowed your car last week, and I returned it without a scratch. I also borrowed it the week before that, and there were no problems – I filled the tank with gas. So if you loan me your car today, I’ll return it just like I did in the past.”
  2. “Trust me. I promise not to do anything wacky with your car. I’m a responsible guy.”
  3. “Look, without transportation, I can’t get to my doctors appointment. I’m feeling sick. I need your help. Friends help friends, and I could use a good friend right now.”

Based on what you know about ethos, pathos, and logos, which approach do you think would be most effective? Why?

Based on what you have learned from reading chapters 13 & 14 and the persuasive mini lecture, identify which proposition (fact, value, or policy) the 6 claims below are and explain why you chose the proposition.

  1. Communication is a better major than history.
  2. A private-school education is more valuable than a public-school education.
  3. When women joined the military, the quality of the military improved.
  4. Our community should set aside one day each month as “community clean up day”
  5. Global climate change is not occurring in our atmosphere.
  6. Wealthy senior citizens should pay for more of their medical costs than the poor senior citizens.