Colorado State University Fuego Phones International CEO Case Analysis

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Fuego Phones International is a corporation that recently kicked off
the sale of its new smartphone, the Rapid Fire 6. After three months of
sales, the management team has received some troubling reports that the
Rapid Fire 6 phones are unexpectedly catching on fire. The management
team asks the accounting department to run some numbers to determine how
much it would cost to recall the Rapid Fire 6 phones, to suspend
manufacturing, and to conduct more tests to determine the phones safety.

After running some numbers, the accounting department states that it
would be more cost-effective to leave the phones on the market shelves
and propose settlement proceedings for anyone who was injured and
initiates a lawsuit. In-house legal counsel agrees and states most
consumers will not seek legal action against Fuego Phones Intl.

You are the CEO of Fuego Phones Intl. and must decide what to do.
Remember, if you recall the Rapid Fire 6 phones, it will result in a
delay of dividends paid to shareholders, loss of market share, and a
loss in revenue, affecting shareholder profit. Consider the following
questions regarding this example:

  • Analyze the ethical reasoning theory are you operating Fuego Phones International under.
  • Identify the pros and cons of leaving the Rapid Fire 6 phone on the
    shelves because you feel your duty as a corporate manager is to maximize
    shareholder profits.
  • Determine an approach to recalling the Rapid Fire 6 phone because
    you feel the corporation owes a duty to the public, consumers, and the
    government in terms of social responsibility.
  • Identify a company that is acting in a socially responsible manner and discuss specifically what it is doing.
  • Your document should be 350-500 words and must include references according to APA writing style.