Co-Cultural Theory of communication. Origin, contemporary uses, heuristic value

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Review the literature of Co-Cultural theory of
,tracing its: 1.origin(first appearance in literature,
originators, background, aim, development, etc.) This is your paper’s
uses as a theoretical framework (a
literature review –a minimum
of 15 sources should be
included here and should not go back
beyond the year 2000) in communication
research (this is your paper’s BODY, and should focus on “studies in which this theory has been used as a
theoretical framework include….”); and,3.heuristic value—that is, implications for further
research.What communication phenomena
remain unexplored using this particular theory? This is your CONCLUSION

Theory Paper(80 points)•APA
Format•9-11 Pages aside from cover, abstract, and reference
page•Cover page must include
the following Stevenson honor pledge: “I
pledge on my honor that I have
neither given nor received unauthorized assistance on this assignment/exam.”See…
paper’s references and citations must
be academic sources available
in print and/orin
online academic databases.
Web pages (especially crowd-edited sites such as Wikipedia, et al) are not to be used as reference sources.