Clinical Ethics Issues and Discussion, and, A Framework for Thinking Ethically, case analysis assignment help

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Assignment # G: Health care case analysis

The project is an analysis of the legal and or ethical issues involved in the below health care scenario. See questions to be answered at end of this factual scenario below. After the formatting requirements for the paper, there’re two articles that will aid in analyzing the scenario and writing the paper.  

The two articles to base the analysis of the paper are entitled below: Clinical Ethics Issues and Discussion, and, A Framework for Thinking Ethically

NOTE: For this paper it is unnecessary to do any research beyond the two articles furnished with this assignment. Both are after the specific paper requirements.  You may use all the articles in the class but no internet research is allowed for this paper and you would only be wasting your valuable time to undertake internet research.

Case Scenario

A 72 year old woman was admitted to the Neurological Intensive Care Unit following a cerebral hemorrhage which left her with severe brain damage and ventilator dependent. One year before this event, the patient and her husband had drawn up “living wills” with an attorney. She was diagnosed by her treating physician as being in a permanent unconscious condition. The patient’s living will specified that the patient did not want ventilator support or other artificial life support in the event of a permanent unconscious condition or terminal condition.

The patient’s husband is her legal next of kin and the person with surrogate decision-making authority. When the living will was discussed with him, he insisted that the patient had not intended for the document to be used in a situation like the present one. Further discussion with him revealed that he understood that the patient would not be able to recover any meaningful brain function but he argued that the living will did not apply because her condition was not imminently terminal. He further indicated that he did not consider his wife to be in a permanent unconscious condition.  The immediate family members (the couple’s adult children) disagreed with their father’s refusal to withdraw life support.

The treatment team allowed a week to pass to allow the husband more time to be supported in his grief and to appreciate the gravity of his wife’s situation.  Nevertheless, at the end of this time, the husband was unwilling to authorize withdrawal of life support measures consistent with the patient’s wishes as expressed in her living will. End of scenario.

Your paper should have 3 major sections. Each is numbered 1, 2 and 3. Questions to be discussed based on the facts above. You must weave into your discussion the relevant facts from above scenario to support your discussion in discussion areas 2 and 3 below.And for discussion area 3 you must weave into your discussion the ethics philosophy you pick for each issue from the article A Framework for Thinking Ethically. 

Outline:  Must use the bolded and underlined headings from the outline below in your paper and the paper must be in narrative form not outline or bullet format. 5% penalty deducted from paper if underlined headings not used in your paper. 

There should be three discussion parts to the paper and they are identified as 1, 2, 3 below. 

Must use each Bolded headings below in the paper or suffer penalties

1. Three Legal/Ethical Issues. Just list the three most important legal/ethics issues in this scenario that you will discuss. Pay particular attention to the article I furnished with this assignment. These must be three separate and distinct issues. No explanation needed, just state them a, b and c. 

2. Discussion of Three Legal/Ethical Issues. Discuss the three most important ethical/legal issues you listed above. Must use the relevant facts in the scenario to support your discussion of the legal/ethical issues.

 Headings will be:

 Legal/Ethical issue 1 [state the issue] then discussion

 Legal/Ethical issue 2[state the issue] then discussion

 Legal/Ethical issue 3[state the issue] then discussion

For each legal/ethical issue above discuss

  a. Why each is a legal /ethical issue?  

  b. Discuss each issue in the context of the scenario facts and 

  c. Define the concepts you use

3. How I would Handle Each Issue. First, in this section and for each issue, as a health care provider, how would you handle each of the three issues discussed above and why?  Must use the relevant facts in the scenario to support your positions. Secondly for each issue, using the article entitled “A Framework of Thinking Ethically” fully discuss the specific ethics philosophy that would epitomize your handling of each issue. Fully define the specific ethics philosophy used and weave the ethics philosophy into your discussion.  See article below entitled A Framework for Thinking Ethically.

Must use each Bolded/underlined headings below. Headings will be:

 Handling of Legal/ethical issue #1 [then discussion]

  Handling of Legal/ethical issue #2 [then discussion]

 Handling of Legal/ethical issue #3 [then discussion]

End of paper outline.

All you need to read to analyze the questions for this paper are the two articles below entitled:

Clinical Ethics Issues and Discussion and

A Framework for Thinking Ethically

The paper must be:

  • Paper must be in narrative format not outline or bullets. 
  • Double spaced and be 4-6 pages in 12 point New Times Roman font. [No deduction if paper exceeds a page or so.  Thus 3 and half page paper will be penalized.]
  • Include a cover page [not counted as a page] which should have student name and title of your paper [Provide a short name for the legal responsibility the specific health care organization has for one type of patient right in a specific setting 
  • A the end of the paper a list of references [not counted as a page]    
  • Word-processing software and saved with a .doc, .docx
  • Footnote example below
  • In the body of the paper example:

    (Healthcare Financial Management Association (U.S.), Ernst, & Young, 2000).

    At the end of the paper example: References

    Healthcare Financial Management Association (U.S.), Ernst, & Young. (2000). Health care system reform: A provider perspective : survey results. Westchester, Ill.: Healthcare Financial Management Association

*will forward the articles to the tutor*