cj 3352 essay 8 10 pages copyscaped final purchase 9 jan due

THIS IS  a ESSAY please make sure in essay format


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Book is Constitutional Law 13th edition



Essay Requirements: (Choose one of the following)


Option 1:         Discuss the 1st amendment (history, case law, speech vs. conduct, what speech or conduct is protected or not protected by law).  You need to include all items discussed in Chapter 2 (Constitutional Law 13th edition) as well as case law pertaining to this topic.  Give your opinion in regards to the 1st amendment.




Option 2:         Discuss the history of the 4th amendment [case law (major cases)concerning topics pertaining to search and seizures and arrest, law enforcement’s authority concerning these items].  Some items could be traffic stops, pat-downs, full searches, consent, wing-span search, plain view, search incident to arrest, etc… You need to include items discussed in Chapters 3-5(Constitutional Law 13th edition). 



Guidelines:     Essays must be 8-10 pages in length and must have an introduction, body, and conclusion.  The essay must be based on reading assignments and at least 4 other Peer Reviewed sources cited APA format.  The essay must be typed, double spaced format with #12 point font and APA format which includes proper referencing (author, title, and page number of referenced material). Students must properly cite any quoted material. No term paper, essay, or assignment may have no more than 20% of its content quoted from another source