Civil Litigation

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Your supervising attorney has determined that it is time to depose
the Plaintiff in our case between Cain and Abel, as well as a witness to
the accident, Ms. Bunny Rabbit. Ms. Rabbit lives at 123 Looney Tunes
Dr., in Whiteacre. He wishes to depose both deponents at his office and
would like to depose Ms. Rabbit first, to gain as much knowledge as
possible before he deposes the Plaintiff. Using the templates provided
by your firm, prepare a Subpoena for Ms. Rabbit, and a Notice of Deposition for the Plaintiff. Ohio Supreme Court

Your supervising attorney has asked you to schedule the depositions
with the opposing attorney, so the dates and times are up to you. After
you’ve drafted the Subpoena and Notice of Deposition for his review, prepare a cover letter to be sent with the documents to the opposing attorney.