Choose two social issues or public policies….one affecting the entire state and one affecting the country and write a 1200 word letter to house of representative that resides over Texas

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Identify the United State House of Representative that represents the district
where you reside.

Write a minimum of a 1200-word letter to your Representative that:

1. Describes the two social issues or public policies mentioned (from
number 2)

2. Identify the impact each of these policies have on the level of
government you presented it from (state and national).

3. Propose possible solutions for the social issue or public policy
chosen—be detailed!

4. The letter or email should be appropriately addressed to the United States House
of Representative. Use language appropriate suitable for communicating with a

5. The letter should utilize a minimum of three credible sources to illustrate the
claims made about the three issues/public policies. This does not include websites such
as Wikipedia or Please include your references relied on while writing this
letter on a separate page entitled “works cited page” in APA format. The actual letter
should not have any parenthetical citations throughout it.

6. Your letter must be typed, double-spaced, use Times New Roman 12-point font
and standard one inch margins.