Childcare class about preschool kids age 2

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This is a preschool question The age of the kids are 2 year old

Now comes the fun part: designing your dream program based on what you have learned constitutes quality in early childhood education!

Step 1: Create a Blueprint

Create a blueprint of an ECE room OR a playground for the age group and setting of your choice. Include at least 3 activities/interest areas.

To create the blueprint, you may use PowerPoint, pictures, your own sketches, or an Internet program such as the Classroom Architect. If you draw your own blueprint by hand, scan it or take a picture of it with a cell phone or digital camera. If you use an Internet program to create your blueprint, take a screenshot of your blueprint.

Step 2: Explain Your Design

In a written 2 page paper, support your environmental design by including the following:

  • The type of program and age group for which the space was designed
  • Description of at least 3 activities/interest areas
  • List of resources that are needed in each of the areas
  • How your environment meets standards of quality