Chapter 7 – Clash of Values

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This chapter presents issues unique to the United States. As a fundamental stumbling block, the First Amendment to the Constitution protects ALL speech – hate speech, slurs, lies, pornography, and much more. The ability to regulate speech that is offensive or harmful is difficult in the physical world. How can we regulate it in a world where the source is potentially unknown or far beyond our borders?

s to an external site.)

I found several great articles analyzing American attempts to regulate the internet – they’re long, technical and I’ll share them with you but only if you’re having trouble sleeping.

On that basis, for this chapter, I take the same approach as in Chapter 6. Review the chapter and powerpoint materials and post a comment to the discussion board that picks one of the forms of harmful, “illegal’ (highly dependent on nation and state of both the poster and viewer), or offensive content listed that you view as the most harmful, illegal, or offensive and explain why in three to five sentences. As with Chapter 6, you only need to post once BUT, look ahead to the last chapter for the written assignment that spans this week’s set of chapters.