Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Health Indicators Graphical Representation help

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My part of this team project is based on three indicators of health: life expectancy, infant mortality, and subjective well-being For the state of North Carolina.

Determine what these indicators are for each state and gender

Create a visual representation of each culture using graphs in Microsoft®Word, Excel®, or another program. You can view some examples of visual representations on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website.

Please write a minimum of at least 100 words for you individual part which also needs a graphical design (visual representations). 

The focus of this assignment is for each team member to research the life expectancy, infant mortality, and subjective well-being data for their current state in which they live. Each team member should find data for different genders (usually data covers male and female genders) and race or ethnicity if available. Usually each team member researches their own three indicators and then creates a brief summary and shares the data to make visual representations.  (This is for North Carolina)