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cj370 unit 6 discussion questions


Question 1

Shoe Print Evidence

You arrive on the crime scene and you observe a shoe impression in the mud. Describe the process to recover that shoe print evidence.



Question 2

Bite Marks


How would you process the scene in which a victim had bite marks on his/her body? Discuss the methods that you would use.



Each question should be answered in a minimum of 100 words (2 questions)

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The Evolution of Media

Over the past several decades, communication media have evolved significantly. In addition to communicating messages through books, newspapers, and magazines, we now have the ability to communicate through blogs, websites, and social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Now, more than ever, the average person is capable of creating and distributing professional-looking visual communication. This supports what your textbook identifies as perhaps the most significant change; these “new technologies are forcing journalists, advertisers, PR professionals, and entertainment executives to relinquish their role as ‘gatekeepers’ of information.” 

Taking a look at one of the professions listed in this quote, or even your own profession, reflect on how the role of “gatekeeper” is being redefined, given these new technologies. What are the benefits and challenges associated with this change, both from a business perspective and a social perspective? Are there any ethical concerns associated with this shift?

This journal entry should allow you to thoroughly reflect upon what you have learned thus far in class, and provides you an opportunity to relate this learning to your professional and/or personal experiences. Your journal entry may be written in a more informal style, with a focus on clearly conveying your ideas. APA formatting elements are not required for your journal entry, but you are expected to adhere to conventional rules of grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation.



What are specific strategies that an organization might use to best capitalize on a mixed-age employee base?

Your response must be at least 200 words in length. You are required to use at least your textbook as source material for your response. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.


Bell, M. P. (2012). Diversity in organizations (2nd ed., 409-410, 427-428). Mason, OH: South-Western.


mathematics awareness month and theme year mathematics statistics

April is Mathematics Awareness Month and the theme this year is Mathematics, Statistics, and the Data Deluge. There is evidence of data collection, display and analysis all around. You have learned about many types of data displays and will learn many more throughout the years. It is important to be able to look at data and be able to create a display and analyze what you see. The data tells a story. Number of Participants in Olympics 1896 – 2008 NO.OF ATHLETES OLYMPIC CITY YEAR FROM TO MALE FEMALE TOTAL NO.OF COUNTRIES Athens 1896 06 Apr 15 Apr 241 0 241 14 Paris 1900 14 May 28 Oct 975 22 997 24 St. Louis 1904 01 Jul 23 Nov 645 6 65 12 London 1908 27 Apr 31 Oct 1971 37 2008 22 Stockholm 1912 05 May 27 Jul 2359 48 240 28 Antwerp 1920 20 Apr 12 Sep 2561 65 2626 29 Paris 1924 04 May 27 Jul 2954 135 3089 44 Amsterdam 1928 17 May 12 Aug 2606 277 2883 46 Los Angeles 1932 30 Jul 14 Aug 1206 126 1332 37 Berlin 1936 01 Aug 16 Aug 3632 331 3963 49 London 1948 29 Jul 14 Aug 3714 390 4104 59 Helsinki 1952 19 Jul 03 Aug 4436 519 4955 69 Melbourne 1956 22 Nov 08 Dec 2938 376 3314 72 Rome 1960 25 Aug 11 Sep 4727 611 5338 83 Tokyo 1964 10 Oct 24 Oct 4473 678 5151 93 Mexico City 1968 12 Oct 27 Oct 4735 781 5516 112 Munich 1972 26 Aug 11 Sep 6075 1059 7134 121 Montreal 1976 17 Jul 01 Aug 4824 1260 6084 92 Moscow 1980 19 Jul 03 Aug 4064 1115 5179 80 Los Angeles 1984 28 Jul 12 Aug 5263 1566 6829 140 Seoul 1988 17 Sep 02 Oct 6197 2194 8391 159 Barcelona 1992 25 Jul 09 Aug 6652 2704 9356 169 Atlanta 1996 19 Jul 04 Aug 6806 3512 10318 197 Sydney 2000 15 Sep 01 Oct 6582 4069 10651 199 Athens 2004 13 Aug 29 Aug 6296 4329 10625 20 Beijing 2008 8 Aug 24 Aug n/a n/a 10500 204 Use the data in the chart to complete problems 1 – 4. 1. Create a double line graph comparing the number of female athletes and the number of male athletes participating in the Olympics since the games were last in Los Angeles. (Use the attached graph paper on page 8). 2. Name one Olympic year when more than 1/3 of the athletes were female. Use data from the chart to explain your answer. Show your work 3. Write and answer five questions about the data in the chart. 4. Of the years shown, about what percentage of the Olympic Games had less than 100 countries participating? How did you get your answer? Show your work. Use the data below regarding gold medal times for the 100 meter run for 1936 and 2008 to answer questions 5-8. 1936 2008 GOLD Jesse Owens, USA 10.3 GOLD Usain Bolt, JAM 9.69 SILVER Ralph Metcalfe, USA 10.4 SILVER Richard Thompson, TRI 9.89 BRONZE Martinus Osendarp, HOL 10.5 BRONZE Walter Dix, USA 9.91 5. What is the difference in times for winning a gold medal in 1936 and in 2008? 6. How much time would have to be taken off of the top runners in 1936 in order for them to receive gold, silver and bronze racing against the 2008 winners? Show your work. 7. Which is greater, the difference between the gold medal winner and the bronze medal winner in 1936 or 2008? Explain your answer. 8. Usain Bolt has broken his record since the 2008 Olympics by 11/100 of a second. What is the new time that he ran 100-meters? 9. Three friends are sharing 36 cookies. Jerry states that he wants 25% of the cookies, Gary wants ½ of the cookies and Terry wants 0.75 of the cookies. How many cookies does each person want? Can they each get what they want? Explain your answer. 10. Maurice needed to cut a piece of wood for his project that measures 4 ¾ inches. How much wood will he have left if the board that he is cutting from is 8 inches long? Show your work *First in Math Challenge: Earn at least 250 stickers during the break for county recognition!*

smartzena my week 4 assignment

Part Two: Business Plan Project, Week 4

Continue to work on your business plan. This week, you will analyze international opportunities for your business as a part of your marketing strategy.


    1. Discuss and defend your position to market only domestically or both domestically and internationally.


    1. Identify the point at which it will be best to market internationally, even if that point will not be reached during the timeframe of the projected financials included in the plan.


  1. Update your projected financial statements to reflect the cost of marketing. If you have chosen to market both domestically and internationally, be sure to include the impact of any foreign presence in your marketing costs.


    1. By Mondya, November 10, 2014, address the issues for the Business Plan Project, Week 4 outlined in Part Two, using an MS Word document, and submit your document to the W4: Assignment 2 Dropbox. Use good form, and cite all sources using APA format.

Name your document SU_FIN4055_W4_A2_Part2_LastName_FirstInitial


Notes from past weeks as you asked


Week 2 Financial Statement Requirements 

Continue working on your business plan. This week, you should create pro-forma financial statements for the first five years of operations. Document all your assumptions and support your use of the assumptions.


Week 3 Financial Statement Requirements

Last week, you worked on pro forma financial statements. Update your projected financial statements to reflect the capital expenditure and the sources of funding.

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annoited references

I need at Least 3 senteces per reference just stating what the source is about.    The references are listed below.



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Williams, H. (2008). Taser Electronic Control Devices and Sudden In-custody Death: Separating Evidence from Conjecture. Springfield: Charles C Thomas Publisher, LTD.






financial manangement

Word document of 700 words with attached Excel Spreadsheet showing calculations



Your next assignment as a financial management intern is to apply the knowledge that you acquired while engaging in the cost of capital discussion that you had with your colleagues. In this task, you will be calculating the weighted cost of capital for a firm using the book value of the components and the concepts presented in this phase.


Using the most current annual financial statements from the company you analyzed in Phase 1, determine the percentage of the firm’s assets that are currently be financed with debt (total liabilities), preferred stock, and common stock (common equity). It is very possible that your firm will have very little or no preferred stock, so in this class, the percent would be “zero.” Your ratios should add up to 100%. You will also need to calculate the firm’s average tax rate using the income tax expense divided by the firm’s income before taxes. Use the following tables:


Total Assets

Total Liabilities

Total Preferred Stock

Total Common Equity

Dollar Value


% of Assets




Income before Tax

Income Tax Expense

Average Tax Rate (%)



The first component to determine is the cost of debt. You mentor suggests using the Web site that you used in the previous Phase to find the pretax yield-to-maturity of a bond with at least 5 years left before maturity. Using the following table, calculate the firm’s after-tax cost of debt:

Yield to Maturity

1 – Average Tax Rate

After-tax Cost of Debt



Now you will need to calculate the cost of preferred stock. You can use the following table:

Annual Dividend

Current Value of Preferred Stock

Cost of Preferred Stock (%)



To calculate the cost of common equity, you can use the CAPM model. Using current stock data, the yield on the 5-year treasury bond, and the return on the market calculated in Phase 2, you can calculate the cost of common equity using the following table:

5-year Treasury Bond Yield
(risk-free rate)

Stock’s Beta

Return on the Top 500 Stocks (market return)

Cost of Common Equity



Now, you can use the cost and ratios from above to calculate the firm’s weighted average cost of capital (WACC) using the following table:


After-Tax Cost of Debt

Cost of Preferred Stock

Cost of Common Equity


Unweighted Cost


Weight of Component


Weighted Cost of Component



  • After completing the required calculations, explain your results in a Word document, and attach the spreadsheet showing your work. Be sure to explain the following:
    • How would you expect the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) to differ if you had used market values of equity rather than the book value of equity, and why?
    • What would you expect would happen to the cost of equity if you had to raise it by selling new equity, and why?
    • If the after-tax cost of debt is always less expensive than equity, why don’t firms use more debt and less equity?
    • What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of raising capital by using debt?
    • How would “floatation costs” impacted the WACC, and how could they have been incorporated in the formula?

Note: You can find information about the top 500 stocks at this Web site.


S&P 500 index chart. (2014). Retrieved from the Yahoo! Finance Web site:^gspc;range=1y;compare=;indicator=volume;charttype=area;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=off;source=;

Be sure to document your paper with in-text citations, credible sources, and list of references used in proper APA format.