Case study: summer employment

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Write a 1 page report, double spaced, 12 pt font, times new roman, 1″ margin. A cover sheet must be attached which list name course title date and assigned date.

Reference at least two ethical principles and provide a rationale for their use as evidence.

CASE 13: Summer Employment

Stephanie BossenbergerWeber State University, UtahMary Ann Fisher has been a dental assistant at Dr. Martan’s office for the past 5 years. She functioned as a chairside dental assistant, exposing radiographs as directed, and acting as the infection control officer for the dental office. During this time Mary Ann has been pursuing her education to become a dental hygienist and recently completed her first year of the program. She has been an above average student both academically and clinically. However, she has stated that she does not understand why becoming a dental hygienist takes so long. Several times during clinic, Mary Ann has been cited by faculty for taking short cuts and avoiding evaluations. After she was counseled on this behavior, she has been more careful to follow protocol. Her clinical performance is at an acceptable level for a student completing the first year of instruction.School ended in mid-May and Mary Ann was able to resume her employment full-time in Dr. Martan’s office. Dr. Martan is very proud of Mary Ann and often boasts to patients of her accomplishments and that she will be a hygienist very soon. Mary Ann continued with the work she had done in the office for a year, polishing the patient’s teeth before the dentist’s examination. Now that she has become more adept at instrumentation, she has probed and scaled the teeth of several patients when she has considered it necessary.Susan, the part-time hygienist in the office, knew that Mary Ann was stretching her dental assisting duties and, after careful consideration, decided it was time to have a meeting to talk about what was going on in the office. At the meeting Susan gave out copies of the Dental Practice Act, and everyone understood the reason for the clarification of duties. The dentist thanked Susan and said he thought it was “very informative and interesting.” For 6 weeks, Mary Ann, the dental assistant, was careful to only provide services that were listed in the Dental Practice Act. Then she was back to scaling and probing teeth again