Case Analysis Response/Defense

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After receiving your peer review feedback, you will then have the opportunity to respond and/or constructively defend your case analysis in a rebuttal. ((( See the Case Analysis Response/Defense Guidelines linked below for response/defense requirements ))).

( Successful responses ) reflect high levels of the following:

  • Good use of peer review feedback.
  • Response either maintains/defend the original position and provides further information/explanation or continues with concept(s) given in the review and re-approaches the analysis.
  • You stayed within the word limitation of roughly 200 words.
  • A bulleted list is used to address your original position.

I will upload these files to you: 1/ My case analysis. 2/ The peer review feedback about my case analysis. 3/ Case Analysis Response/Defense Guidelines linked below for response/defense requirements.

I want you to respond to the Peer Review with approximately 200 words.

I have attached these files to you first, you must read the assignment above and then read guidelines then read the Peer Review then read my case analysis. Finally, write Case Analysis Response/Defense.