Career Research Interview

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Chapter 12 Assignment #1

Career Research Interview

Your mission is to identify someone who is already working in your career field of interest. You will develop a list of topics and questions to discuss with this person. Upon completion of your interview, you will prepare a summary of your experience, as well as full contact information for the person you interviewed.

Details: Interview a professional in the career field that you are interested in pursuing.

You should visit this person under professional circumstances. If transportation is an issue, you may conduct the interview by e-mail. Be sure to have at least 10 questions prepared ahead of your scheduled interview, dress professionally, and thank this person for his/her time and feedback.

  • Attach the questions you ask. (10 points)
  • Provide a four paragraph (five to eight sentences each) summary describing what transpired and what you learned from the interview. (20 points)
  • Send me a copy of your thank you letter. (10 points)

Other Requirements:

Students MUST provide valid contact information for the person that they

interview. This information would include the following: interviewee’s name,

professional title, business phone number/email, and company name. (10 points)

Point Value: 50 points