. Can we be responsible for our actions? [i] State and explain Strawson’s argument for the non-existence of morally responsible action. [ii] State and explain the luck argument for the incompatibility of freewill with indeterminism (i.e. what is the argum

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Your essay must be 4 to 6 pages long not including quotes from other authors. Essays shorter than 4 pages will lose points according to the percentage of missing material; E.g. Missing one page = 25% missing = 0 for 25% of the paper grade. Students attempting to make their essay look long by using large gaps between paragraphs or in their headings etc., will lose points.

Use a 12-point font, and double-space the lines except the space between paragraphs.

Be sure to include page references to our text, but you do not require a bibliography unless you use other sources. Use of other sources (including websites) is permitted but must be properly referred to.

Hints: (a) structure your essay into sections (b) explain all quotes (c) explain an idea by using an example of the idea – proves you really understand the idea (d) have a thesis or “pick sides” (e) but always try to explain the reasons behind…everything you say and what the authors say.