BUSN 491 Week 6 Response Posts

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In weeks 6 & 7, you are going to share some feedback that you received from entrepreneurs with whom you shared your business plan idea. You can go back to some of the same entrepreneurs you had previously interviewed in weeks 3 and 5. The feedback is important for you to document. Where can you improve your business plan? Make sure you make note of this, so your Professor can see that you are taking seriously working to improve your plan by listening to what others have to say about it. There may be some of these entrepreneurs who want to encourage you and would be willing to invest in your business if you are going to start one. In week 6, please be sure to mention in your discussion any help that you need. Perhaps your Professor or some of your classmates can provide some support to you as you work to complete your plan.

Two (2) response posts ranging from 75-125 words

Posts to respond too are attached below as well as my response to the discussion post.

This weeks study ———–

– Effectual Entrepreneurship (2nd ed., 2017) by Read, Sarasvathy, Dew, & Wiltbank. Publisher: Routledge (Paperback ISBN: 9781138923782; E-book ISBN: 9781315684826)

  • Lemonade Principle — text Chapter 15