BUSN 470 week 7 response 2

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I need to respond to this in 300-400 words in A.P.A. format with references

Transactional leadership styles are more focused on maintaining the normal flow of operations. They can also be described as “keeping the ship afloat”. Transactional leaders use authoritative power and incentives to motivate their employees to perform at their best. A transactional leader is not interested in looking ahead strategically when it comes to guiding an organization. The managers are often focused with making sure all aspects flow smoothly on a day to day basis. The advantage of being an transactional leader is that you can address small operational details quickly. This allows the corporation to build strong business reputation in the marketplace, while keeping their employees productive. Bill Gates is one who comes to mind when examining transactional leaders. one of his famous quotes said:”If you think your teacher is tough, wait until you get a boss.He doesn’t have tenure”.

Transformational leadership consists of leaders who goes above and beyond managing day-to-day operations.The transformational leaders set and accomplish goals offering incentives that provide opportunities for personal and professional growth for every employee. One of the best advantage of being an transformational leadership, is this style is helpful in the strategic development that is necessary in a small business. Small business that employ transformational leaders always strive for ambitious goals and achieve them quickly through following their vision and using team building techniques,and Michael Bloomberg and Steve Jobs are great example of a transformational leader who used similar skills in order to accomplish his goals.

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