BUS 241 Northern Virginia Community College Employee VS Independent Discussion

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Fill-in the chart or create your own chart to determine if you are really according to the law an employee or independent contractor. If you do not work outside your home, answer the question for a friend or family member.

Factors Courts



Does the Employer exercise a great degree of control over the details of the work?

Is the worker engaged in an occupation or business distinct from Employer?
Is the work usually done under Employer’s supervision?
Does Employer provide the tools?
How is the worker paid and how long has he been employed?
Is there a great degree of skill required?

2. Explain what you do and if you are contractor or employee base on the chart above under the Discussion Forum “Employee VS Independent”.

3. Read your classmate posts and answer “Do you think there are any of your classmates who are referred to as “independent contractors”, when in fact they are employees?” explain your thought.