BUL 2241 Rasmussen College Business Contract Recommendations MEMO

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You have recently been hired as a business advisor for a retail company seeking to expand both its physical and digital presence. The organization is specifically seeking guidance regarding two offers it has received for:

  1. The purchase of real estate to be used to build a new brick-and-mortar store
  2. A 5-year marketing agreement with a prominent social media network.

You have been tasked with analyzing elements of contracts and providing recommendations for each item above to share with leadership.


Write a formal business memorandum that addresses the following:

  • What basic elements would you expect to find in each contract?
  • What type of commonly used contract clauses would you expect to find in each contract?
  • What business recommendations would you share with the company as it proceeds forward? Should it consider accepting the offers? If so, would certain conditions apply?

Be sure to use a professional tone and correct grammar, spelling, punctuation. Please remember to acknowledge any source you use.