BMW of North America LLC

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Write a 2 page Company Analysis on BMW of North America LLC. Please reference to scholarly articles only and follow the breakdown for the Company Analysis below. Please cite all information using APA format and include a list of References.

The tone of the paper should be written from a consultant point of view whom will be presenting this Report to the CEO of BMW.


o Provide an overview of your company’s history. Discuss the important events that have shaped your company’s growth. Do not include lists of dates; instead, highlight important events and explain why they are significant.

Current Situation

o Give an overview of your company as it stands today. What major issues are important to know about when creating a marketing plan for your clients? (ie – Are they facing bankruptcy?)

Financial Resources

o Give a snapshot of the current financial situation. Simply giving stock prices or revenues from one year is insufficient. Summarize all the inflows and outflows – where does the money come from, and where does it go? You will provide different marketing recommendations to a company on the verge of bankruptcy than to a company with millions to spend on a new product.

Human Resources

o Again, providing an overview is key here. Do not give the number of employees and think you have fully answered this section. Who are the employees? What do they do? Where do they work? How are they organized?

Product Portfolio

o Discuss all the product lines your company offers, not just the one you have chosen to focus on. For a large company, this may include products from several different industries. You may group products into categories, but be sure to give examples of the product lines and the brand names they are sold under. If you have an extremely long list, include it in the appendix, but be sure to summarize it in your paper.

Target Market

May be discussed in conjunction with Product Portfolio. Be specific as possible – do not say that your product is targeted towards “everyone.” Give the main customers for each product line, and for each product if your company only offers a few choices.

Pricing Strategies

o Try to determine how your company prices its products. We realize that you are not privy to internal information, but you can get an idea of company pricing policies from your research. Are they consistently higher than other comparable products? Maybe they stress value in their promotions?

o Many students take the initiative to conduct a pricing survey. This is an excellent idea, and often is as easy as making a trip to the grocery store. Be sure to cite your information as a survey!


o Where does your company sell its products? I expect to see at least two levels of information here – geographic (what nations/cities are products sold in?) and local (what types of establishments would carry your products? Grocery stores? Industrial supply houses?).

Promotional Strategies

o How does your company get its message out to consumers? Explain and give examples. Please be thorough! You may break this section down by type of promotion – advertising, public relations, etc.


o These are internal to your company – what aspects give it a competitive edge? Which areas does your company need to improve in?