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This is for
advanced researchers, but you still should get the idea of how you can find
them as well. For the next blog post then, you are required to find three
hot topics or current trends in your field. When deciding on which topics
to highlight, keep in mind that we will potentially use these as topics/
subject matter for your research proposal which will start after the
break. In other words, take your
time deciding which topics to detail in the post. Think about a topic you
would like to explore for your research project.

You can simply perform a google search: “Hot topics philosophy”
“Current trends biology”. Basic searches like this may have decent results.

The blog post
should include:

  • An introduction explaining why it is important to know current
    trends and how to stay up to date. You can relate this back to your previous
  • You must then describe three current trends in your field.
  • For each trend please provide a brief description of the topic
    and why it is important.
  • Where you discovered it, e.g. in class, in a journal, in a blog
    post etc.
  • Any researchers who have worked on it in the past or currently.
    If you have a name of an article or articles, please include it/them. Provide
    links whenever possible.
  • Why the topic has become important? Technological developments,
    new approaches to the subject, political developments, and/or current events
    dictate new developments, etc.
  • A closing that wraps up your post.