Barstow Community College Technology and Health Industrial Organization Discussion

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Directions: Create A working outline for an informative speech. See the Example Working Outline for the format that I put in the announcements and your modules.

You can choose whatever topic for your speech. Just make sure that it is not persuasive, and it’s not a “how two” speech. We will be doing those later.

Other tips, info, and reminders:

-You can choose whatever topic for your speech.

-You will use this outline to prepare for an Informative speech next week.

-Use the example of a working outline You received via email for an example of structure.

-Don’t forget General Purpose and Specific purpose (Hint this speech’s general purpose will be “To Inform.”

Example: General Purpose: To Inform

Specific Purpose: To Inform the Audience about the history of slinkies

Don’t forget the Attention Getter Examples of types of attention getters below;

– Rhetorical Question

-Startling Statistic or Statement



-Short story

With this outline, there should also be a Works cited sheet in MLA format. You will need at least three sources.

Please see the Perdue O.W.L (Online Writing Lab) Links Below if you need reminders of the Works Cited format.

Perdu Owl: Works Cited Basic Format Rules Link (Links to an external site.)

Perdu Owl: Example Works Cited Page Link