Barnes & Noble Bookshop Research Marketing Outline

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Imagine you’re a content marketer tasked with providing insights about how a local business can expand and/or pivot their current content efforts to reach a national audience.

Choose a local business from one of the categories below. It should have a website and social channels. When selecting the business, remember that it should have the ability to scale nationally. For example, it could have an existing or potential ecommerce store or a scalable service. Here are a few categories to choose from:

  • Bookstore
  • Herbal Remedy Shop
  • Clothing Boutique


    • A half-page executive summary that briefly summarizes:
      • The business model
      • What you are aiming to accomplish.
      • The current state of the business’s content.

    What needs to change and how will you make that happen.


  • Goals and objectives of the content campaign


  • Content gaps and opportunities
    • Identify two competitors (using tools like and the Google search operator “related:”—e.g., “”).
      • Perform a content gap analysis using the Keyword & Content Gap Analysis Tool. Include a screenshot of the spreadsheet that the tool generates.
      • Insights & observations.
        Content ideation
        • Ideate content topics for your client using some or all of the tools we explored in Lesson 2 of this unit:
          • Google Autocomplete
          • Google Results
          • Google Trends (related searches)
          • YouTube
        • List at least two keyword phrases that you suggest your client incorporates, as well as two corresponding, SEO-friendly headlines and the medium and format you propose using. For example: