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COVID 19 Social and Economic Measurement Research Paper

Complete a rough draft describing the current state of the COVID-19 crisis in the US. Since this is only the rough draft, you will only need to complete the first half of the paper, you only need to provide an overview of the actual crisis. You’ll need to use at least two credible sources to […]

North Central College Stakeholder Theory Research

Assignment: Synthesize Research Related to Stakeholder Theory and Develop a Plan for Collecting and Incorporating Previous Next  Instructions This week’s assignment has two parts. Please combine both parts into one document for submission. Part I: Write 1-2 pages synthesizing scholarly research related to stakeholder theory. What is stakeholder theory? What theorist is credited with developing […]

Movie Presentation – The Blind Side

Using the movie you chose for the Communication Practicum Project, create a final presentation using a screen recording tool such as Screencast-O-Matic or PowerPoint with audio. THE MOVIE IS THE BLIND SIDE Create no fewer than 12 slides to support your analysis, including: Title slide Objectives slide Review slide Final slide The presentation should be […]

Problem solving and action Paper

Complete the You Make the Call: Discretion in Criminal Justice Courtroom Workgroup simulation. Write a 350- to 700-word paper in which you include the following: Describe the problem you faced in the simulation. Explain the approaches you used to resolve it. Discuss how your critical and creative thinking skills were used or not used. Format […]

MGT 522 Saudi Electronic University Sales Projection of Deem Coffee PPT

equirement’s for this presentation Why should I invest in your product/services? Your task is to present your product/services to investor(s) and convince him/them to accept your business proposal. The template is just a guide. You are encouraged to use your creativity. Outline: In this presentation, we are as a group decided to choose a coffee […]

Guiding Principle for Conflict – Mediation – Respect of Parties, communications homework help

PLEASE REVIEW DISCUSSION GUIDELINES ATTACHMENT BEFORE WRITING RESPONSE…STRICT GUIDELINES HAVE TO BE FOLLOWED TO RECEIVE FULL CREDIT!!! COM 665 Discussion Participation October 2015.docx  DISCUSSION POST #1: Guiding Principle for Conflict – Mediation – Respect of Parties My guiding principle for conflict is respect for all parties in the process. It is important to give people an […]

American Public University Volkswagen Co Public Relations Analysis Paper

Web Research Essay – Find one real world PR disaster or botched PR attempt and prepare a 5 page APA Format (1700 word minimum) essay applying all concepts and applications we have diligently practiced throughout this class from your newly acquired PR position. This event should be different than ones that you selected elsewhere in […]