Auburn University Main Campus Communication Persuasion Techniques Essay “

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Select a product advertisement. Must be for an actual product  – NO parodies. 

We have learned from Chapter 8 that the communication process can be extremely complicated. Advertisers take a significant amount of effort to provide a clear message. Thought goes into every aspect and detail of an advertisement.

Select a current product advertisement (no longer than 2 minutes) that you find on YouTube. Current means within the past five years. Describe in detail how the elements/techniques from Chapter 8 are used in the advertisement. Include a list of the elements, how they are used, and what they provide to the advertisement.

Include the name of the commercial and a link to the commercial you analyzed for this project. This will be needed during the grading process. 

Provide detailed answers to the following questions.  You will be graded on your level of detail. 

What is the product, and how is it presented?

Who is in the advertisement? What are they wearing? Why are they wearing it?

Where is the advertisement set? Why here?

Describe what is included in the advertisement. For example, if it is a restaurant, what elements do you see?

When is the advertisement set and why? Time of day? Seasonal?

  • How does the advertisement use sound? Identify any music used. Why was it used? 
  • How does the advertisement use color? Why these choices? 
  • What emotions is the advertisement seeking to evoke? Was it successful?
  • Would the commercial work one change was made (e.g., change in location, change in music, change in the main character)? Identify a change and explain how this change would affect the advertisement. 
  • Include other observations you have about the advertisement.