Assignment – follow the documents

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1. Go through the following Tutorial on the Quanteda Package in R:

2. Also the attached pdf, “textanalysis in R”

Quanteda – R Package for Text Analysis

quanteda is an R package for managing and analyzing textual data developed by Kenneth Benoit and other contributors. Its initial development was supported by the European Research Council grant ERC-2011-StG 283794-QUANTESS.

The package is designed for R users needing to apply natural language processing to texts, from documents to final analysis. Its capabilities match or exceed those provided in many end-user software applications, many of which are expensive and not open source. The package is therefore of great benefit to researchers, students, and other analysts with fewer financial resources. While using quanteda requires R programming knowledge, its API is designed to enable powerful, efficient analysis with a minimum of steps. By emphasizing consistent design, furthermore, quanteda lowers the barriers to learning and using NLP and quantitative text analysis even for proficient R programmers.

How to Install

The normal way from CRAN, using your R GUI or

install.packages( “quanteda” )

Or for the latest development version:

# devtools package required to install quanteda from Github