assignment about written instructions​

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i have assignment about written instructions

To prevent the spread of the Covid19 pandemic, most countries have asked people to stay at home in a self-imposed lockdown. However, staying at home for an extended period of time can prove challenging for most people. They may get bored, fall into unhealthy habits like sleeping all day and staying awake all night, or they may even get frustrated and depressed, which is bad for their physical and psychological health.

Write instructions to advise people on things and activities to do in order to use their time in a sane and healthy way during the lockdown. Write exactly 10 STEPS.

Introduction: General information on the topic

Equipment: Tools or items you need for the task

Steps: List of 10 things to do and not to do

Conclusion: Problems. risks, dangers…

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details about the way of writing instructions in picture please take a look