Ask two questions from the article

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Read the article and ask Two questions, the example is under here. The article is in the files.

  1. Yuri was popular in her community for showing concern towards minorities and the poor. As the book says, “her youth, humanitarian concerns and a need to be active” was the primary reason for her various services (p. 24). But, unlike other Japanese families, she grew up with advantages that made it possible for her to behave the way she did. If she had been raised as a typical nisei in a segregated neighborhood with parents who both worked low-paying jobs, how would her outlook on society have differed? In other words, how much has her family background influenced her actions?
  2. In the average Japanese household, women are designated to household chores and are shaped into domestic servants from a very young age. In the Nakahara family, we see only the mother tend to the housework while Yuri spends her days outside. We know that her parents valued the maintenance of certain Japanese traditions from the fact that she is placed in a Japanese school at one point. Yet, why was Yuri not raised to “fulfill a traditional gender role” (p. 16)? After all, even among her white friends, girls shared chores with their mothers.