Ashford University Own Experience Self Analysis Reflective Essay

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In this Assignment, you will prepare an essay on a particular problem faced in your own experience and how it should be addressed based on your current skills, knowledge and problem-solving ability.

Use a reflective learning theory as a framework in analyzing the problem.



Part I

Decide what case you will analyze.

Give background information.

▪ Use your own experience (from work, school, volunteer or personal environments). The situation may have occurred recently or in the distant past.

▪ Factually and succinctly describe the case.

Part II

▪ Apply one of the theories of reflective learning from our course to the case.

▪ Discuss how application of a reflective process could make for a better outcome of the problem.

▪ Advise what one can do to handle the case; consider it as a learning experience and example for “reflective learning”

▪ You may have intuitively used reflective thinking to handle the problem at the time good for you! Explain that process. On the other hand, looking back you now realize you could have had a better result using reflective learning processes. Analyze YOUR behaviors then and now as a reflective learner. This exercise gives you a chance to “rewind” a situation.

▪ Note your personal development as a problem

Your Essay shall be between 3 to 5 pages (excluding cover page and reference page) and shall have the following sections:

Title page (Not included in Page Count)




Reference page (Not included in Page Count)

Formatting should include: 1″ margins, double spaced, 11 to 12 point font


◦ Cite the reflective learning theory used in the case study

◦ Use in text citations for quotes or material not your own

◦ APA citation style

◦ URLs alone are not acceptable

Once your essay is complete, upload your document into the Assignments folder.

Again, there are no right or wrong answers to this assignment. However, thoughtfulness and thoroughness do count. Please write professionally (spellcheck, good grammar, etc.)

Dr. Chere L. Peguesse, Associate Professor of English and Director of the Student Success Center, has kindly developed a feedback presentation for this Self Analysis Essay, so I recommend you take advantage of her generosity (see attached).