As the internal audit team lead for IT Audit, COBIT 5 assignment help (MS Word, 1000 words)

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I need a MS Word document that answers the questions posted below:

As the internal audit team lead for IT Audit, you have been asked to utilize COBIT as a framework to:

1. Identify which processes were ineffective and allowed this situation to occur, using COBIT to justify your responses.

2. Suggest the steps management should take to assess the situation, and create an action plan.

3. Identify which governance processes should be initiated to prevent reoccurrence of a project failure such as this one.

Questions require:

Q1: Identify minimum 3 issues ineffective and allowed, then write how to allow or why allow.

Q2:  According to Q1 assess 3 situation (issue1: step 1,2,3…; issue2: step1,2,3… ), and create 3 action plans.

Q3: Still identify 3 governance processes that need to separate writing.

About 1000 words

case study.docx