Aryan Invasion Question.

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This is a topic about how to evaluate conflicting historical/religious claims.
Read through some of the links in the section on the Aryan Invasion Theory. Think of the debate about the Theory in terms of our essential questions: What is there? and What should I think about it? The invasion theory appeared in the heyday of British imperialism. The issues raised in the debate are complex, especially about how to evaluate evidence — What should I think about what is there? The discovery of new evidence – the Sarasvati River and all the sites along it, has certainly challenged the prevailing wisdom. In discussion, first of all, examine the streams of evidence for and against the Invasion Theory and for an indigenous source for Vedic religion. Make sure to explore all the evidence for a migration of the people who called themselves “Aryans.” Then explore the relation of politics and theories of religions using the debate about the theory as your source. What do you see as the main arguments against the Theory? What about a gradual migration of Aryans? What kind of evidence supports a migration? Do you see aspects of it that manifest Indian nationalism and pride? Do theories about religions or about history necessarily reflect the political agendas of their time? If you want, Google “aryan invasion theory” to get a sense of how volatile a political issue it has become.

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