Art Context.Context of Art

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This file is a work of art

Context of Art

You will write a 250-word, double-spaced description of a work of art by an artist who is represented  The object you write about need not be from the textbook.  You will describe the content of the piece: what it is of and then what it is about. You should also relate the object to an art movement or social-historical event or idea from the time of its making. State your points at the beginning in a topic sentence/thesis statement and then explain that statement in the rest of your text. Are there recognizable symbols that you respond to? Next, find out where the art object is (a museum?) and check their website for further information. If that does not work, use Jstor or GOOGLE Scholar to find out more about the object or artist and do your best to incorporate one of those sources. YOU MUST CITE any source that you use beyond the textbook and you only need one source. You may decide to research the story or character instead of this specific object and then make your own connections. You must use the context of the movement that you associate the object with to help find the meaning. The more thinking that I read in your evidence the happier I will be. I can help you narrow down the context if you would like. Push yourself to get beyond liking or disliking and whether you think the object is beautiful or not. Proper use of academic English and formatting are expected. The assignment must be typed and spell-checked before you turn it in. Please identify the work of art, and provide a citation so I can find it too. 

 The emphasis for this assignment will be on observation, interpretation, analysis, formulating a concept, and communication. You will need to identify elements for interpretation, rank them in a hierarchy, develop a thesis, and cite evidence in a clear and concise manner.