Argumenative PowerPoint Please See Requirements and Attachments

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Argumentation PowerPoint

Envision that you now have to present your solution to your client.
You need to make a formal presentation to a group of stakeholders, and
you need to be prepared to answer their questions. As a final step in
the project, you will create a PowerPoint presentation of 14 slides
(excluding Title and Reference slides) in which you provide the

  • In the Notes pages of each slide and based on the context of the
    information on that slide, provide a narrative of 4 paragraphs of your
    rationale for the IT infrastructure implementation and improvements that
    you are recommending.
  • On each slide, identify the evidence that you have to support the arguments.
  • All sources that are used to support your argument and solution
    should be cited both in-text (on the slide or in the Notes section) and
    on a References slide in APA format.

Please see attached for further guidance