Architecture take home final paper

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This is a really important assignment, I’ll be appreciate if this it finished in excellent quality as always!

Thank you!

The answer to each question should be thoroughly researched, discussed, citing sources, and no longer than three

pages for each question. 8 1/2″ x 11″ vertical format (word processed). This might end up being a total of

10-12 pages.

Please include the question as stated before writing your response. Print your name on each sheet.

Question 1:

In the 1950s, suburbia became the dominant form of housing in the United States. Discuss the reasons

for its emergence and then discuss how changing demographics, new and emerging lifestyles, and

changes in the work place might change suburban housing as we know it today.

Question 2:

With increasing world population and diminishing natural resources, what strategies could be utilized to

offset the negative consequences of suburban sprawl with mini-mansion starter homes?

Question 3:

Cite three examples of topics or projects that you feel address issues (Affordable housing;

Sustainable Urbanism; Co-Housing.) in a meaningful manner. Discuss in detail. (Don’t use an

example you already researched for a case study or for your research paper).

Question 4:

Discuss in detail of books “Sustainable Communities” and “Sustainable Urbanism”, comparing

and contrasting the main ideas.