​After reading Chapter 6 and skimming Danteworlds, respond thoughtfully to the following prompt. (3-5 sentences minimum)

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After reading Chapter 6 and skimming Danteworlds, respond thoughtfully to the following prompt:

  • Write an addition to the Inferno.” Imagine you’re tagging along with Dante, and along your journey, you see someone in hell that Dante neglected to mention. Tell us about this person/group of people: Where did you see the sinner(s) (in which level of Dante’s hell)? What was his/her/their crime? (You may choose an individual from any time, past or present.)
  • Now tell us about the punishment. What’s become of them? Tell us why your sinner’s punishment is suitable.
    • In Dante’s Divine Comedy, people are punished and rewarded according to how they lived (their sins and their good works), so in your post, the punishment should fit the sinner’s crime. Also, Dante punished people according to their misalignment with his/his culture’s values; your sinner should be held to this standard, too.

Note: you do not need to write a full canto, nor do you need to adhere to Dante’s poetic structure/rhyme scheme. Dante wrote for the people and he wrote in the vernacular, so you should too.

Other considerations for your initial response:

  • Your initial response should be 3-5 complete sentences (minimum) in paragraph format for each of the above bullet points.
  • Proofread your response before posting.
  • Use specific references to support your points.
  • Response should demonstrate a reflective and thoughtful understanding of the aims and organization of Dante’s narrative (and the cultural values therein).
  • No Works Cited necessary.
  • Initial response is due prior to 11:59 pm on Thursday

READING MATERIAL: http://danteworlds.laits.utexas.edu/index2.html