Advertising Discussion Questions

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Research 4-5 advertising campaigns that you believe are very strong

Research and describe 4-5 adverting campaigns you believe are very weak

Describe the campaigns

For each, describe why you believe the creative and copy was or was not effective

  1. Who do you believe was the target audience, how did this or did this not engage the target audience? 
  2. Choose any 2 and explain their segmentation in detail
  3. How could IMC research have helped them better plan this advertising campaign
  4. -Answer in at least 250 words.
  5. Choose any company you love and imagine they are launching a new product and you need to work with your creative team on developing strong creative and copy.

Explain what is in a “Creative Brief” and give examples of what will be in yours for this launch?

What is the creative pyramid?  How do you believe your creative will achieve “Action”?

What is important in the Headline and body copy for your ad creative?  Give an example of a headline and any body copy you think will perform well with this ad

  1. Have fun this assignment!  Be creative and be sure to refer to specific concepts/terms from our chapter
  2. -Answer in at least 250 words.
  3. Imagine as part of the product you selected in Assignment #1, you also need to select print media to advertise in.

What kind of print publications will you focus on? 

Give 2-3 Pros and Cons of advertising in a Magazine vs. Newspaper specific to your product

Do online research and give examples of publications you think would be best for your product, why? 

How are you sure the publications you chose will reach your target audience?  

  1. What metrics are important to evaluate with print publications for advertisers?
  2. -at least 150 words and respond to at least two peer’s posts with at least 75 words each (by Sunday).
  3. What is Strategic Relevance? Why does it matter for the Creative you use in your advertising?
  4. Give 2 examples of ad creative: 1 that you believe is very strong, and an ad that is not well done.  Why?
  5. What is the purpose of Headlines?  What is body copy? 

Give an example of a headline you think is very well done to achieve the brand objective, why?

-at least 150 words 

  1. 1. From Chapter 12, what are the production phases that that go into TV Commercial?  
  2. 2. Print Media can still be a very effective advertising form.  What does a Print Media Buyer do?
  3. 3. Give an example of a magazine or newspaper ad you’ve seen that you recall, why did you think it was or was not effective?  Was it in a publication that was regional (i.e. your local newspaper), or focused on content (i.e. fashion)?