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Congress enacts the “Interstate Shipment of Geckos Act.” In that act, the president or a designee is given the following authority: to establish rules governing the interstate shipment of geckos; to establish penalties for violations of the act and rules promulgated by the president; and to appoint gecko magistrates who will hear all cases that arise under the act. The magistrates are answerable to the president and no other judicial review is available. When promulgating rules, the president shall take into account the bahavior and needs of geckos; all health considerations; and the effect that geckos will have on the indigenous flora and fauna. The goal of the act is to prevent the spread of disease and to protect indigenous animals and plants.

DISCUSSION: Discuss the delegation of quasi-legislative authority and of quasi-judicial authority in relation to its constitutionality. How would the information in your discussion impact the act noted above? Explain your answers.