Adjusting to Change Increased Workplace Responsibilities Discussion & Response

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We have all experienced workplace or personal changes that required us to adjust our daily actions at work or at home.  Select one of the changes below, and explain how you have adapted to that change in the past.  If you have not adapted to the change before, explain how you would adapt to the change in the future.

New and/or increased workplace responsibilities 

 Ok, here the respondGood morning Professor and classmates, this is my post for Week 10.     This is an interesting assignment for me as I have dealt with all 

three of these in the last year.  The one that I have chosen to discuss 

is new and/or increased workplace responsibilites.     I was able to do a lateral transfer with my job when I moved from 

Texas to Alabama.  In Texas, I was responsible for disbursements and 

indexing.  I was also the lead indexer, so I was the one that delegated 

which batches went where and kept up with how they were being done.  

When I moved to Alabama it was during the pandemic when everyone was 

working from home.  My new supervisor would not train me on the new 

program over Zoom so I feel as though they just found something for me 

to do.  I was put in place to do all the filing for 4 processors.  This 

company did not utilize the software to save the invoivces.  This was 

tough for me because I felt as though I was not being used to my fullest

 potential.  One of the things that kept me going was at least I was 

making a paycheck.  But I also took it as I was learning the vendors so 

when everyone came back to the office I would be ready to learn the 

system.       That has not happened yet.  My daughter got sick and I took FMLA 

and worried about my job.  My supervisor came up with a way for me to 

work from home or from my daughters.  She also made it to where I could 

make up my hours on the weekend.  I believe that since I worked at the 

filing and doing anything they asked is why they made a job for me that 

is one that doesn’t really play into their audit system.       I thank God daily for my job and the fact that my employer has 

worked with me to keep me working.  Sometimes it is that kind of company

 that you want to be with, so I am loyal to my company.     Thank you for reading my post and I look forward to your feedback.