ACCT 201 . Research Assignment 1

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Complete the task below and upload your answers as a WORD document.

This chapter introduces the basic four financial statements companies use annually to keep their stakeholders informed of their accomplishments and financial situation. Complete the requirements below using the most recent financial statement of a company of your choice Your chosen company should be one with financial statements published online.

You may obtain the statements through mergent online following the steps below;

1. Access mergent online through the university library webpage (Links to an external site.).

2. Type in your company name in the space provided for “Company Search – Enter symbol or Company Name” and hit enter.

3. Select the appropriate company for the list provided by clicking on the company’s name.

4. Click on the “Company financials” tab.


a. What was the company’s net income in each of the last three years?

b. What amount of total assets did the company have at the end of the most recent year?

c. How much retained earnings did the company have at the end of the most recent year?

d. For the most recent year, what were the company’s cash flow from operating activities, cash flow from investing activities, and cash flow from financing activities?