a professional memo

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a one page memo.

List the pros and cons of each of the three-project delivery methods Bob mentioned, while applying them specifically to Claire’s situation.

Within the memo, draw a diagram to illustrate the organization of the management and contracting relationships for DBB, DB, and CM.

Which project delivery method do you recommend to Claire? Why?

Based on the delivery method you recommended, should Claire use a contract that is awarded competitively or a contract that is awarded by negotiation? Why?

In addition to the main contract for the entire project, Bob informs you, the intern, that there will definitely be a sub-contract with a specialty contractor for the site-work on the project.

Should the agreement with the site sub-contractor be a lump sum or a unit-price contract? Why?

Should this contract with the site sub-contractor be awarded competitively or negotiated?

Keep in mind that you like working for Big Builders and you are considering applying for a job at this company once you have your bachelor’s degree. Therefore, you want to impress Bob with a professional report.