A. Expressive self portrait B. Soviet socialist realism

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A. Create an expressive self portrait. Use marks, shapes, value and colors especially to enhance the mood of your work in any medium you choose, can be crayons, pastels, paint. It doesn’t have to be realistic. Remember lines, shapes, color and value can really influence the mood of the work. Artists to look at: Alice Neel, Lucian freud, abstract expressionists, Modigliani, Picasso, Egon Shiele. Let us know your mood or insight to your character by just looking at the work, not any written words. Post to this discussion and respond to 2 others (see if you can guess the mood they are trying to evoke) by the end of day.

B. Go to Joseph E Davies Collection online

click explore art

in left hand column click collections search

type in Joseph E. Davies in white box

This will bring up the collection of paintings. Davies was a collector. The paintings are by several artists.

Browse this Soviet Socialist Realism Painting collection and explore the political and national themes of this art movement. Write down and submit your observations about the political and national themes of the work. Cite any articles used. It is the series of paintings you are looking at to discuss.